Saturday, June 13, 2015

How To Use Jingling To Earn Money Online !

What is Jingling?

Jingling is a free traffic exchange bot which runs in background. Probably it is the most & widely used traffic exchange bot in the world due to its suitability.

How Jingling Works :

The work of Jingling is very simple. Your Jingling visit others website and others will visit yours. Both of you will take advantage by getting some visitors. It will allow only up to 10,000 traffic & 6 links, depending on the processing power of your computer. PC with better RAM are certain to get more link slots. The faster your web connection, a lot more clicks you'll receive.

Jingling Advantages :

Unique international visitors. But you can set it only western or custom countries.
Totally Free. No sign up required.
Works on Windows XP, Windows 2003,Windows Vista, Win7, Win8.
The most advantage is that you can earn money using this bot. I will describe about how but for this you have to know how to set up Jingling for earn money.

Disadvantage Of Using Jingling :

Chinese language.
May slow down your Computer.

How To Use Jingling To Earn Money Online  :

Now the question is how to earn money online using Jingling. The answer is simple, Jingling will send traffic to your site & the traffic will help us to make money. Now i will tell you my process how i earn 3$-5$ daily though my computer configuration is less.

   1. Create a blog in Make it simple and fast loading. Write or copy-paste some posts. Remember fast loading blog will get more advantage.

   2. Sign up some Cpm and Pop Up ads networks. 
     - For Cpm : Try  CPX24Adhexa  & Edomz. They have a  good Cpm rates & count maximum views 
     - For Pop Up : Try PopadsEdomz & Popcash. 

Stay tuned for Reviews, Rates and Payment Proofs About The Cpm & Pop Up Networks I personally use, I will soon post an article about it. 

   3. When your website get approved (It may take up to 24-48 hours, but Cpm sites will active your site immediately)
Set up ads code from those site. Use only one ad unit per Cpm site. Sometimes CPM site does not count views. 
Like I've said I will soon post an article about the sites that have a good Cpm rates and count most views.

How To Set Up Jingling 5.1.2 For Earn Money :

NOTE : Follow the same steps for the English version.

 A. Download It From Here (Password- 123456 ) or Here

Or for the Chinese version ↓

  B. Run Jingling. It will look like this  

C. In the picture ↑

    1. It's the software status. Make sure it is Blue Color. which means running in good status. If it show Orange Color that means you should install Flash Player or you have no internet connection.

    2. Change the running mode.

    3. The program will calculate your PC's Performance and show how many minutes you can use per day at place 3, You can use them for your links.

    4. Click button 4 to add your links.

   1. Check how many minutes you could use for your blog. I recommend to use all of your minutes. 
   2. Put your blog link at blank 2
   3. Set how many IP views you receive per day.  Set 10,000 if you have. My PC performance is less and for this I can only use 3750 per day. 
   4. Set how many second per main page view. Use 10-30. But 10-60 is better.
   5. Click button 5 to show "Advance Setting"

   1. You have to set referrer here. Go to and Tweet your blog URL. After tweet publish right click your blog URL and copy this. It will look like Paste it in 1 and set 90%. Other 10% is used for direct view. 

   2. PV setting, set IP:PV up to 1:2, view time will be calculated in total time.

   3. Manage the mouse clicking, allow up to 5%. It will click a link what you set up. You can use Chitika ads and set- It will seach for and click on the ads.

   4. Manage the popup, Set it to 20%.

   5. Set the Traffic Sources. Set like the picture ↓

   6. Traffic control : Note that time zone is GMT +8​. We don't need to change it.

 And that's it !

If all the settings are done perfectly, the Jingling Bot will deliver traffic to your site. If your computer performance is good it can deliver up to 10,000 visitors to your site.

 Earning Calculator :

From CPM- 3 ad tags*10,000 visitors=30,000 impression= CPM site count approximate 15,000 impression. 
If the CPM Average is 0.10$ the earning from CPM sites=15,000*0.10$=1.5$

From POP Up- 3 ad sites POP Up CPM is approximate 3-5$. Count 20% POP Up for 10,000 impressions= 2000 views. But they count approximate 1000 views because of same ip. So the earning from POP Up is- 3$-5$. 

Daily earning is- 3.5$-7.5$ easily. 

I Earn 3$+ Daily Using This Method and you can earn more with a high performance PC.
If you have any problem regarding this post, feel free to contact me.


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