Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Earn Money for Reviewing iOS Apps and Games

Earn Money for Reviewing iOS Apps and Games

The process is simple, go to this website REVIEW&EARN fill the application below and after reviewing and accepting your application, you will be invited to start reviewing Apps. 

The App you will need to download and review will be sent to you after reviewing and accepting your application.
You will get paid $1 for each review you provide, once your posted review is live on the App store your balance will be updated.

Once you reach $5 meaning after reviewing 5 Apps you can request your payment and you will get paid through Paypal.  

Most of the time you will be reviewing U.S Apps so Please make sure your iTunes account location is based on U.S. - HOW TO CHANGE ITUNES ACCOUNT LOCATION TUTORIAL

After restringing on  REVIEW&EARN An invitation to start reviewing Apps will be sent to you through your email address. So make sure to check your email for the invitation.

Requiemrnt : 

iDevice : iPhone, iPad, iPod touch.
Language : Basic English (you can use Grammar corrector to help)
iTunes account country location or region.
iTunes User Name.
Paypal ID

Payment :

You get Paid $1 per Review after gone live on the App Store.
Minimum balance to Request payment is $5
Payment are processed and payed on the 1st and 15th of every month.