Thursday, June 4, 2015

Free 2$ Daily with SiteTalk CashBack Website !

SiteTalk CashBack, is a rewarding website that rewards his users with cashback for doing there online shopping basics! 

The best thing about this website is, you may find things you already shop in other sites but if you use the stores that SiteTalkCashBack provides, you'll get intersting amounts of cashback isn't that great!

Now what I'll show you is how to earn cashback without buying anything!

Just follow these simple steps and you will end up with 2$ in you account, which you can earn everyday!

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Steps :

1. Go to the website by clicking the banner below.

2. On the SignUp Form enter your email and choose a password to create your account.

3. Go to the email inbox you provided and Verify your email address.

4. Go back to SiteTalkCashBack website, login if you are not already and click on " My account " as shown below.

5. You will see At the top left a search bar (Search online stores..).
type and search for Kelkoo .
the search result returns with 4 options as shown below. Click on the first one.

6. Now click on Visit store.

7. You will be taken to the Official site of this store, Choose one of the shown product of this page and click on it so you can go to the Buy/Order page.

Note: Sometimes the products are not shown on the first page, in that case  just select a category and you will see products in the next page, click on any product then it will take you to the Buy/Order page for this product. (Product page always have an add to cart button). 

8. The Buy/Order page should open automatically in a new tab as shown below.

9. You have to stay on this page and wait for 30 seconds just like you watch ads. and Voila!! that's it!! You can close the opened tab.

10. Now repeat the steps for all 4 Kelkoo stores one by one. 

11. After watching all four ads repeat from 1st to 4th store again. you can watch the 1st and 4th stores 5 time, the 2nd and 3rd can only be watched two times.

That means you will see the 4 stores 14 times.

This process will take you 10 to 15 minutes and you will get 0.2$.

Now we are done with Kelkoo stores, lets move to the other 2 stores : 


Steps for

1. Tap Homeaway in search bar like we did before with Kelkoo, and click on

2. Click on visit store.

3. On the store home page select any location.

4. Choose a date of arrival and departure. The time difference should be 7 to 10 days.

5. Click search, you will see different hotels for booking.
Click on Request to Book or view details so you'll be taken to the booking page.

6. Click on Send a Message.

7. fill the needed details on the form and click Submit. Wait for 30 seconds on this page. 

You will get paid from this site within 24 hours.

Steps for

1. Search for Resebokningen and Click on visit store.

2. Then enter random details Depart and destination and a date, select one way. Then click on search button.

3. After search choose one flight.

4. A new tab will open. Then select one ticket.

5. A new tab will open. Now wait for 30 seconds on that page.

And Voila!! We are Done!!

First time you do this will take time but once you understand and get used to it, you'll only spend 10 to 15 minutes.

Do this daily and you will get about 2$ daily.

Payment will be updated within 24 hours. When your cashback is available you will automatically recive a notice email.

If you have any question just put it in the comments section

For Tips to get More $$$ Join using my Ref Link and put your Username in the comments section

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