Saturday, June 6, 2015

HyperAntiVirus - Sharing Trick ($0.60/DAY DOING NOTHING!)

What is it?

They are a antivirus company who offer a affiliate Program. 
You can earn money just for sharing about them to your social networks. 

How Do you earn ?

 After you signup you need to share your affiliate link at 10 places. (fb,twitter, piniterest, blogger !) 
Secret tip: If you dont have so many social network accounts, make multiple blogspot blogs and put link in each of them, they are counted as separate links. 
This would start earning you earn 0.60$ each day. 
Then each referral who does this will give you 0.1$ each day. 
So just one time 5 minutes to share the link and you earn 0.6$ each day. 
You can withdraw at minimum 1$ via paypal, Bitcoin, paxum.

Now How to increase your earnings 

These are not one time earnings but per day! So If you want to go free. 

Step 1: Share your link at 10 Places and click on them once to get those registered.
 Remember Links would start earning only after you click them atleast once. 
You started making 0.60$ daily 

Step 2: Try on getting some referrals who do the same. 
You started making +0.1$ for each Level 1 Referral. 
Next You can also get paid on multiple levels for that you would need to upgrade. 
There are more details on the site. 

Join HyperLinkAntivirus and Start Earning

Tips share your links :

 Go to and create a new note with your affiliate link. Publish, then select the text and right click, then open it in new tab. Quite efficient way of doing it too. 

OR Paste your link in the website above then click 'Encrypt and Send'. Then click your affiliate link.


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