Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Earn Money for Reviewing iOS Apps and Games

Earn Money for Reviewing iOS Apps and Games

The process is simple, go to this website REVIEW&EARN fill the application below and after reviewing and accepting your application, you will be invited to start reviewing Apps. 

The App you will need to download and review will be sent to you after reviewing and accepting your application.
You will get paid $1 for each review you provide, once your posted review is live on the App store your balance will be updated.

Once you reach $5 meaning after reviewing 5 Apps you can request your payment and you will get paid through Paypal.  

Most of the time you will be reviewing U.S Apps so Please make sure your iTunes account location is based on U.S. - HOW TO CHANGE ITUNES ACCOUNT LOCATION TUTORIAL

After restringing on  REVIEW&EARN An invitation to start reviewing Apps will be sent to you through your email address. So make sure to check your email for the invitation.

Requiemrnt : 

iDevice : iPhone, iPad, iPod touch.
Language : Basic English (you can use Grammar corrector to help)
iTunes account country location or region.
iTunes User Name.
Paypal ID

Payment :

You get Paid $1 per Review after gone live on the App Store.
Minimum balance to Request payment is $5
Payment are processed and payed on the 1st and 15th of every month.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Make $10 every 16-20 minutes easily

How to earn $10 every 16-20 minutes!


- A small bit of patience

- Brain.exe lol
I've used this method for quite a while and made around $400+ a week.  I made an ebook about it to avoid doing it all in this thread.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

20€/day - Earn 1,95€ each time you refer a friend !

EuroClix is a website where you can earn points (Clix) in several different ways. You can choose between:

  • Receive invitations (Email) to participate in studies
  • Receive commercial information by email and earn points (Clix)
  • Shoping with 700 partners of EuroClix by following the links on the EuroClix website and earn points (Clix)

EuroClix is ​​a savings program with which you can redeem points to euro. You can also earn points (Clix) in different ways and are not obliged, unlike other savings programs, buying products to earn Clix.

EuroClix is ​​the only savings program in France where loyalty really matters. The more Clix you save, the higher your exchange rate. New members directly receive a starting bonus of 150 Clix (1.95 €).

Les offres des boutiques en ligne

How does it work?

  • Refer your friends and earn 150 EuroClix = (1.95 €).
  • Get 10% of your friends earned Clix.
  • The more Clix you earn the higher your 'exchange rate' of  Clix gets.

TopCashBack get $10 free cashback


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Note that you have to Sign Up. 

One of the premier cash back shopping networks, is offering a $10 Sign-Up Bonus. 
Once you have an account with TopCashBack, you can refer your friends and family for an additional $10 bonus per referral and they will also earn a $10 sign-up bonus. 
In order to cash out, you must have $10 Payable from regular portal cashback in order to get the $10 bonus. 
TopCashBack has great cash back rates for many online merchants so you wouldn’t have a problem meeting this requirement.

TopCashBack Features:

FREE to join and use

100% commission returned as a cashback rebate

FREE pay-outs through PayPal or direct deposit

Be paid whenever you choose

No minimum pay-out threshold

Stack the savings with cashback + coupons

Transfer your cashback into your PayPal account. 

Fair-play policy

Invite your friends and earn $10 for each

Highest cashback rates – guaranteed

Cashback and discounts at over 2,600 merchants

No fees and no catches

How to Earn $10 Sign-Up Bonus:

Sign up with TopCashBack thru this Referral link to earn $10 bonus :

You must reach a minimum cashback threshold of $10 cashback. 

This means you must shop through your account at many of their 
cashback merchants until you reach the minimum $10 cashback threshold.

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Utilize this limited time TopCashBack’s $10 sign-up bonus which is free to join with the highest cashback rates. 
This is a fantastic rebate site that offers cash back when you shop online from their huge selection of merchants. 
You earn cashback and discounts at over 2,600 merchants with no fees and no catches. 
Save even more money through our complete list of cash back shopping sites!

Saturday, June 13, 2015

How To Use Jingling To Earn Money Online !

What is Jingling?

Jingling is a free traffic exchange bot which runs in background. Probably it is the most & widely used traffic exchange bot in the world due to its suitability.

How Jingling Works :

The work of Jingling is very simple. Your Jingling visit others website and others will visit yours. Both of you will take advantage by getting some visitors. It will allow only up to 10,000 traffic & 6 links, depending on the processing power of your computer. PC with better RAM are certain to get more link slots. The faster your web connection, a lot more clicks you'll receive.

Jingling Advantages :

Unique international visitors. But you can set it only western or custom countries.
Totally Free. No sign up required.
Works on Windows XP, Windows 2003,Windows Vista, Win7, Win8.
The most advantage is that you can earn money using this bot. I will describe about how but for this you have to know how to set up Jingling for earn money.

Disadvantage Of Using Jingling :

Chinese language.
May slow down your Computer.

How To Use Jingling To Earn Money Online  :

Now the question is how to earn money online using Jingling. The answer is simple, Jingling will send traffic to your site & the traffic will help us to make money. Now i will tell you my process how i earn 3$-5$ daily though my computer configuration is less.

   1. Create a blog in blogger.com. Make it simple and fast loading. Write or copy-paste some posts. Remember fast loading blog will get more advantage.

   2. Sign up some Cpm and Pop Up ads networks. 
     - For Cpm : Try  CPX24Adhexa  & Edomz. They have a  good Cpm rates & count maximum views 
     - For Pop Up : Try PopadsEdomz & Popcash. 

Stay tuned for Reviews, Rates and Payment Proofs About The Cpm & Pop Up Networks I personally use, I will soon post an article about it. 

   3. When your website get approved (It may take up to 24-48 hours, but Cpm sites will active your site immediately)
Set up ads code from those site. Use only one ad unit per Cpm site. Sometimes CPM site does not count views. 
Like I've said I will soon post an article about the sites that have a good Cpm rates and count most views.

How To Set Up Jingling 5.1.2 For Earn Money :

NOTE : Follow the same steps for the English version.

 A. Download It From Here (Password- 123456 ) or Here

Or for the Chinese version ↓

  B. Run Jingling. It will look like this  

C. In the picture ↑

    1. It's the software status. Make sure it is Blue Color. which means running in good status. If it show Orange Color that means you should install Flash Player or you have no internet connection.

    2. Change the running mode.

    3. The program will calculate your PC's Performance and show how many minutes you can use per day at place 3, You can use them for your links.

    4. Click button 4 to add your links.

   1. Check how many minutes you could use for your blog. I recommend to use all of your minutes. 
   2. Put your blog link at blank 2
   3. Set how many IP views you receive per day.  Set 10,000 if you have. My PC performance is less and for this I can only use 3750 per day. 
   4. Set how many second per main page view. Use 10-30. But 10-60 is better.
   5. Click button 5 to show "Advance Setting"

   1. You have to set referrer here. Go to twitter.com and Tweet your blog URL. After tweet publish right click your blog URL and copy this. It will look like t.co/skik. Paste it in 1 and set 90%. Other 10% is used for direct view. 

   2. PV setting, set IP:PV up to 1:2, view time will be calculated in total time.

   3. Manage the mouse clicking, allow up to 5%. It will click a link what you set up. You can use Chitika ads and set- mm.chitika.net. It will seach for mm.chitika.net and click on the ads.

   4. Manage the popup, Set it to 20%.

   5. Set the Traffic Sources. Set like the picture ↓

   6. Traffic control : Note that time zone is GMT +8​. We don't need to change it.

 And that's it !

If all the settings are done perfectly, the Jingling Bot will deliver traffic to your site. If your computer performance is good it can deliver up to 10,000 visitors to your site.

 Earning Calculator :

From CPM- 3 ad tags*10,000 visitors=30,000 impression= CPM site count approximate 15,000 impression. 
If the CPM Average is 0.10$ the earning from CPM sites=15,000*0.10$=1.5$

From POP Up- 3 ad sites POP Up CPM is approximate 3-5$. Count 20% POP Up for 10,000 impressions= 2000 views. But they count approximate 1000 views because of same ip. So the earning from POP Up is- 3$-5$. 

Daily earning is- 3.5$-7.5$ easily. 

I Earn 3$+ Daily Using This Method and you can earn more with a high performance PC.
If you have any problem regarding this post, feel free to contact me.

Friday, June 12, 2015

5$ free to invest | UTCyler

A new site offers free 5$ to invest

Join and start earning get free 5$ before it gets too late : 



UTCyler offers a powerful marketing solution for our members website or affiliate link plus a fantastic earning platform for our members. 
We also revenue received from the purchase of UTCycler Ad Pack sales with our members who purchase our Ad Packs, returning to them a maximum 125% profit on their original purchase.

UTCycler will maintain a commitment to continuous improvement and peerless customer and client service.


• Signup comes with free $5.0 for 2 AD PACK
• Surf 10 website daily to earn
• Maximum Website allowed to Add is 1
• Maximum Banner Allowed is 1
• Maximum Directory Listing is 1
• Earn 3.0% Daily X 40 Days or total 120%
• On Expiry no Cycler Position
• Earn 10% Ref Commission

how to invest with free bucks inside the acc :


• Buy AD PACK of $2.5 Each
• Surf 3 website daily to earn
• Maximum Website allowed to Add is 5
• Maximum Banner Allowed is 5
• Maximum Directory Listing is 5
• Earn 5.0% Daily X 25 Days or total 125%
• 1 Cycler Position upon Expiry
• Earn 10% Ref Commission


Each expired Ultimate Traffic ADpack position gives you 1 free position on company forced 3x1 matrix.

Completion of matrix pays out $1.0.

Matching bonus of 10% when downline/referral completes a matrix.

Accepts : Bitcoin / Payza / PerfectMonay / SolidTrustPay / OKPay

Thursday, June 11, 2015

FREE $5 SignUp Bonus Turn It To $15 !

** 99.9% Unique Concept & Long term Plan **

12 Phase Daily Cycles Earns You $0.75 To $1536 Daily - 100% PASSIVE Straight-liner!
You Earn Steadily PASSIVE Daily Until Your Positions Matures!

$15 Phase 1 Earns You $45 - If It Cycles 1st Day Your Earnings Stops, If It Doesnt Cycles You Earn $0.75 Daily Until It Matures!

$30 Phase 1 Earns You $90 - If It Cycles 1st Day Your Earnings Stops, If It Doesnt Cycles You Earn $1.50 Daily Until It Matures!

$60 Phase 1 Earns You $180 - If It Cycles 1st Day Your Earnings Stops, If It Doesnt Cycles You Earn $3 Daily Until It Matures!

$120 Phase 1 Earns You $360 - If It Cycles 1st Day Your Earnings Stops, If It Doesnt Cycles You Earn $6 Daily Until It Matures!

And So On Your Earning Will Up to $1536 Daily Passive Earnings Or $92000 Until It Cycles!

FREE $5 SIGNUP BONUS: For Purchasing Step Up Cycler Positions Earns You $15!

Step-Up Cycler Entry Fee - $5

Step-Up Cycler Earning - $15

Step-Up Cycler earnings will be used by the member to buy 1 position in the 
1st Stage of Rapid Cycler

Which means you can use the $5 sign-up bonus and it will turn to $15 after 15 days, and then can this be recycled again

Become a VIP Member & Share In Rapid Cycler Profits!

** Each $50 Share Earns You $65 **

** $1 Daily Per Share Capped Earnings **

You Earn Every Day Until The Position as MATURED - YOU EARN PASSIVE!

UNIQUE FEATURES: Daily Deposit Bonus, Smart Retention System & MUCH MORE!

HUGE Referral Bonuses!

$1 Minimum Withdraw!

Join here: Rapidcycler

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Get a FREE $1.00 worth of bitcoin

SNAPCARD was founded in 2013 in order to help consumers spend their digital currencies. 
Since then they have been rethinking the way that merchants accept digital currency.

SNAPCARD allows you to send bitcoin, dogecoin, and litecoin between friends at no cost, and can easily be sent to a public key, email address, or phone number.

With the refferal programe they have " Give $1.00, Get $1.00 " when you refer your friends and earn free bitcoins! 
Each of you gets $1.00 worth of bitcoin when they sign up and verify their account it's that easy.

So Hurry up and Join Under My referral Link to get your FREE $1.00 worth of bitcoin when you sign up and verify your account account.

My Referral link :  https://www.snapcard.io/l/8kjmb81qab

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Earn by recycling of garbage! 20 € to start!

Today I'm going to show you a simple way to earn money  with RECYCLIX SP ZOO 

Generate high and stable revenue by purchasing waste, processing it, and then selling.

By placing your capital in waste, you provide yourself with the best and most reliable asset because nowadays you can
resell it. Secondary product that has been recycled always costs much higher than the raw material.

Recyclix are engaged in the process of refining - you get profit.

Recyclix is a real recycling company based in Poland and Latvia, they have strong connections with local municipal authorities and have a positive track record in collecting, recycling and sales. The business has been established 3 years ago.

JOIN NOW under my Reflink for a step by step support on how to start generating profits. 

Reflink: https://recyclix.com/?id=dEdE1AAEEdYffEx

Non Reflink: https://recyclix.com/

When you start recycling you will receive profits:

25%-50% revenue share
avg. 2% weekly profits and more
Paypal and Bank Transfer payments
Eco-friendly business
stable payments guaranteed by real business

With your new Recyclix account you can:

Add balance to purchase waste
Update your account profile
Get help with your account
Recycle waste into granules
Add units to increase revenue share ratio
Sell granules and receive profits
Unique script and unique concept

The best thing is that you also get a 20€ complimentary bonus to get started.


JOIN NOW under my Reflink for support on how to get started and earn profits 

Reflink: https://recyclix.com/?id=dEdE1AAEEdYffEx

Non Reflink: https://recyclix.com/

Saturday, June 6, 2015

HyperAntiVirus - Sharing Trick ($0.60/DAY DOING NOTHING!)


What is it?

They are a antivirus company who offer a affiliate Program. 
You can earn money just for sharing about them to your social networks. 

How Do you earn ?

 After you signup you need to share your affiliate link at 10 places. (fb,twitter, piniterest, blogger !) 
Secret tip: If you dont have so many social network accounts, make multiple blogspot blogs and put link in each of them, they are counted as separate links. 
This would start earning you earn 0.60$ each day. 
Then each referral who does this will give you 0.1$ each day. 
So just one time 5 minutes to share the link and you earn 0.6$ each day. 
You can withdraw at minimum 1$ via paypal, Bitcoin, paxum.

Now How to increase your earnings 

These are not one time earnings but per day! So If you want to go free. 

Step 1: Share your link at 10 Places and click on them once to get those registered.
 Remember Links would start earning only after you click them atleast once. 
You started making 0.60$ daily 

Step 2: Try on getting some referrals who do the same. 
You started making +0.1$ for each Level 1 Referral. 
Next You can also get paid on multiple levels for that you would need to upgrade. 
There are more details on the site. 

Join HyperLinkAntivirus and Start Earning

Tips share your links :

 Go to pastebin.com and create a new note with your affiliate link. Publish, then select the text and right click, then open it in new tab. Quite efficient way of doing it too. 


 https://www.zerobin.net/ Paste your link in the website above then click 'Encrypt and Send'. Then click your affiliate link.

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Free 2$ Daily with SiteTalk CashBack Website !

SiteTalk CashBack, is a rewarding website that rewards his users with cashback for doing there online shopping basics! 

The best thing about this website is, you may find things you already shop in other sites but if you use the stores that SiteTalkCashBack provides, you'll get intersting amounts of cashback isn't that great!

Now what I'll show you is how to earn cashback without buying anything!

Just follow these simple steps and you will end up with 2$ in you account, which you can earn everyday!

For Tips to get More $$$ Join using my Ref Link and put your Username in the comments section.

Steps :

1. Go to the website by clicking the banner below.

2. On the SignUp Form enter your email and choose a password to create your account.

3. Go to the email inbox you provided and Verify your email address.

4. Go back to SiteTalkCashBack website, login if you are not already and click on " My account " as shown below.

5. You will see At the top left a search bar (Search online stores..).
type and search for Kelkoo .
the search result returns with 4 options as shown below. Click on the first one.

6. Now click on Visit store.

7. You will be taken to the Official site of this store, Choose one of the shown product of this page and click on it so you can go to the Buy/Order page.

Note: Sometimes the products are not shown on the first page, in that case  just select a category and you will see products in the next page, click on any product then it will take you to the Buy/Order page for this product. (Product page always have an add to cart button). 

8. The Buy/Order page should open automatically in a new tab as shown below.

9. You have to stay on this page and wait for 30 seconds just like you watch ads. and Voila!! that's it!! You can close the opened tab.

10. Now repeat the steps for all 4 Kelkoo stores one by one. 

11. After watching all four ads repeat from 1st to 4th store again. you can watch the 1st and 4th stores 5 time, the 2nd and 3rd can only be watched two times.

That means you will see the 4 stores 14 times.

This process will take you 10 to 15 minutes and you will get 0.2$.

Now we are done with Kelkoo stores, lets move to the other 2 stores : 

  • Homeaway.co.uk
  • Resebokningen.se

Steps for Homeaway.co.uk:

1. Tap Homeaway in search bar like we did before with Kelkoo, and click on homeaway.co.uk.

2. Click on visit store.

3. On the store home page select any location.

4. Choose a date of arrival and departure. The time difference should be 7 to 10 days.

5. Click search, you will see different hotels for booking.
Click on Request to Book or view details so you'll be taken to the booking page.

6. Click on Send a Message.

7. fill the needed details on the form and click Submit. Wait for 30 seconds on this page. 

You will get paid from this site within 24 hours.

Steps for Resebokningen.se:

1. Search for Resebokningen and Click on visit store.

2. Then enter random details Depart and destination and a date, select one way. Then click on search button.

3. After search choose one flight.

4. A new tab will open. Then select one ticket.

5. A new tab will open. Now wait for 30 seconds on that page.

And Voila!! We are Done!!

First time you do this will take time but once you understand and get used to it, you'll only spend 10 to 15 minutes.

Do this daily and you will get about 2$ daily.

Payment will be updated within 24 hours. When your cashback is available you will automatically recive a notice email.

If you have any question just put it in the comments section

For Tips to get More $$$ Join using my Ref Link and put your Username in the comments section

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

How To Make Money with Payoneer !


Payoneer is a financial services business that provides online money transfer and e-commerce payment services.

Payoneer account holders have the option to receive funds into their local bank account or e-wallet, or via a re-loadable prepaid debit card, which is issued through MasterCard and can be used at ATMs or at the point-of-purchase.

As of 2015, Payoneer is available for more than 100 currencies in 200 countries.

You can find more info about Payoneer MasterCard and how to set up your account in this post :

How To Get Payoneer Master Card With 25$ Bonus!

Payoneer Refer a Friend Program

Anyone who has an active Payoneer Prepaid Card can participate in the Refer a Friend Program.

Please note that you can only refer new users - existing account holders will not be approved for an additional card.

You can refer as many friends as you want! You will earn a $25 reward for each friend you refer that signs up for a Payoneer Prepaid Card and receives at least $100 in payments to their card. 

Click below If you don’t have a Payoneer account.

Steps to get started with Payoneer Refer a Friend Program

Sign in to your Payoneer online account and click on the Refer a Friend banner, as shown below.


Copy your direct link and share it with friends, use the provided tool to share it easly via Facebook, Twitter, or E-mail. You can also view updated statistics on your pending referrals.


When your friends receive your link and click on it, they will be redirected to the Payoneer application page. Once they have signed up and received at least $100 in payments to their card, you have successfully generated a referral.  Both you and your friend will receive your rewards within 30 business days.  

Please note that your friends must use the link that you specifically provided them so they can be associated with your referral.

Share you affiliate link as much as you can with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc. and start making money with Payoneer Affiliate program.

You will get an email from Payoneer whenever someone signup for Payoneer MasterCard with your affiliate link. 
Again you will receive an email when your referral loads total payment of 100$ to his/her account and you will see 25$ bonus in your account. 
Your referral will also earn 25$ bonus along with you after loading amount of 100$.



If you do not have a Payoneer account then click below link to signup and earn your 25$ reward.