Sunday, June 14, 2015

20€/day - Earn 1,95€ each time you refer a friend !

EuroClix is a website where you can earn points (Clix) in several different ways. You can choose between:

  • Receive invitations (Email) to participate in studies
  • Receive commercial information by email and earn points (Clix)
  • Shoping with 700 partners of EuroClix by following the links on the EuroClix website and earn points (Clix)

EuroClix is ​​a savings program with which you can redeem points to euro. You can also earn points (Clix) in different ways and are not obliged, unlike other savings programs, buying products to earn Clix.

EuroClix is ​​the only savings program in France where loyalty really matters. The more Clix you save, the higher your exchange rate. New members directly receive a starting bonus of 150 Clix (1.95 €).

Les offres des boutiques en ligne

How does it work?

  • Refer your friends and earn 150 EuroClix = (1.95 €).
  • Get 10% of your friends earned Clix.
  • The more Clix you earn the higher your 'exchange rate' of  Clix gets.


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