Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Earn Money For Watching YouTube Videos

New Site Similar To Paidverts - Earn By Watch YouTube Videos

A New PPV Site just Like Paidverts!

Unlike Paidverts where you earn cash for clicking ads, MyCashTube is an amazing program wich pay you up to 250$ to view youtube videos of other members.
This site delivers YouTube video ads to your account daily.
All you need is to watch the ad for some seconds and you earn money. 
Levels are similar to Paidverts, Ads of 1$ consume 2000 Credits.
higher the level you are , how bigger the value of the video ads are!


More Info About

MyCashTube was created to obtain an online revenue in a easy way We are sure that you will feel comfortable with advertising your videos and also taking the revenues generated from our system.

MyCashTube has been created by the adsbiz team. It has been built for YouTube users and video makers.
When you advertise, you get bonus credits and you use them to receive others' videos and watching and earning from them. is an amazing program which pay you up to 250$ to view YouTube videos of other members.

Earn up to 250$ For Watching YouTube Videos

How It Works?

The system is quiet simple , higher the level you are , how bigger the value of the video ads are! 
You need credits to receive Value ads, Ads of 1$ consume 2000 Credits. 
So if there is an Ad of 1$ in circulation and you have only 1500 credits you wouldn't receive them. 
They have Ads from 0.0005$ going up to 250$ .

Spend $1 and get credits worth $1.50 back!

The Levels

Level 1 : 1500 to 12000
Level 2 : 12000 to 24000
Level 3 : 24000 to 48000
Level 4 : 48000 to 95000
Level 5 : 95k to 180k
Level 6 : 180k to 360k
Level 7 : 360k to 720k
Level 8 : 720k to 1.5m
Level 9 : 1.5m to 3m
Level 10 : 3m to 6m
Level 11 : 6m to 20m
Level 12 : 20m to 50m
Level 13 : 50m to 100m
Level 14 : 100m to 500m
Level 15 : 500m+

Withdraw: $5

Processor Payment: Payeer, STP, Payza, Perfect Money, Bitcoin


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