Wednesday, April 13, 2016

BitGold - How To SignUp & Earn Money

How To SignUp To BitGold & Start Earning Money

Earn $5 For SignUp With BitGold

What Is BitGold 

BitGold is an online platform that makes gold accessible for payments and savings. It’s like any other bank account in that you can deposit your local currency but your money is denominated in gold.

Your Gold is stored in insured Brink’s depositories located in Zurich, Hong Kong, London, Singapore, Toronto, Dubai, or New York City.

Think of BitGold as PayPal but denominated in grams of Gold. You can transfer or receive BitGold for free with any other BitGold user (except US users), and you can spend it anywhere at any point-of-sale with your BitGold Prepaid Card.

BitGold account holders may deposit money into their account via Bank Wire Transfers, Credit Card, Debit Card, China Union Pay, Interac for Canadian users and ACH from selected US Banks.

BitGold Affiliate Program

The BitGold affiliate program allows affiliates to earn by referring signups to the BitGold network.

How It Works?

The BitGold affiliate program is a standard affiliate program that works with tracking links, banners, widgets, traditional campaign arrangements, and more. 

Affiliates get paid for every approved business account you bring to BitGold you will earn $5 USD
Users get paid on the 1st day of every month for their previous months commissions. Multiple payment options exist, including and of course BitGold. 

Who Qualifies?

Qualification is currently on a case by case basis.

How To Apply?

You need to have your BitGold business account before applying for the free program (which is Step 1. 
Then, Step 2, which is how to apply as an affiliate of BigGold, Inc. So lets get started!  

1. Step: First you have to register to BitGold, No credit card or payment information is needed it's 100% free.

BitGold - How To SignUp & Earn Money

  • Enter your Email Address &  Password.

BitGold - How To SignUp & Earn Money

BitGold - How To SignUp & Earn Money

  • Verify your Email Address and Verify your Mobile Phone to Prove you're not a Robot.

2. Step: And this how you can make $5 per referral.
Apply for BitGold affiliate Account 

BitGold - How To SignUp & Earn Money

  • You will have to fill out all the required fields, and don't forget to use the same email address used in step 1.

Note: You will be asked to provide a website where you'll promote your affiliate link, in case you don't own a website you can use your Facebook profile page link instead. 

  • Submit your completed information. 
  • After that you will receive an email from BitGold confirming that they received your application and it's currently being reviewed.
  • Account can be approved within 10 minutes & up to 24 hours (Mine got approved after 1 hour).

 Once you receive your Approved Account email, follow the instruction given in that email to log in and start earning with BitGold.

What You Need To Do To Start Earning?

1. Step: Login to your BitGold Affiliate account.

BitGold - How To SignUp & Earn Money

2. Step: Locate the OFFERS tab on the left side Menu.

BitGold - How To SignUp & Earn Money

3. Step: Select Browse/Search under OFFERS tab.

BitGold - How To SignUp & Earn Money

4. Step: Click on the “Name” of the offer to get your tracking links and banners. in this case its 'Business Account - Approved Signup'
  • This is the link that pays you $5 USD per Referral!The link  you need to share with your leads(Friends, Family etc).

  • Select 'Generate TinyURL' & Copy the URL in the gray box.

BitGold - How To SignUp & Earn Money

Now all you have to do is share your Affiliate link (The link you've got from the offer) for each Referral on Social Media & any other Marketing platforms. Help them to learn how to use BitGold Affiliate!

You can also use the provided banners, you'll find them on the bottom of the offer page. 

BitGold - How To SignUp & Earn Money

If you have any questions, or need our help, leave a comment below and we will answer you as soon as possible.

More Info:

Why is there a 2 step process?
You need to have your potential affiliate sign ups register before applying for the free program (which is Step 1). 
Then, with step 2, that is how they apply to be an affiliate of BigGold, Inc.

I did Step One & Step Two, how long until my account is approved?
BitGold, Inc reviews your application to ensure that you registered first, and then applied with all the correct information that follows their terms. You will be notified via email that your account has been approved anywhere between 10 minutes - 48 hours from application.

How much can I earn?
BitGold pays affiliates strictly and only on a cost per account sign up basis. The cost per account signups are listed below and vary depending on the converting accounts origin country. The more sign ups, the more you earn!

Payouts to be based on the gold gram price of the first day of every month for a given months commission. For example, July 2015 payouts will be based on $47 per gram CDN (Canadian Dollars). We now have implemented a payout structure based on weight of gold. There are 4 payout tiers depending on the country conversion IP of the referred user.

a) 0.75 grams or $35.25 CDN
Canada, United Kingdom, United States, Germany, Australia, Netherlands, or Switzerland

b) 0.5grams or $23.50 CDN
Sweden, Belgium, Denmark, France, Italy, Luxembourg, Norway, New Zealand, Austria, Singapore, Hong Kong, Cayman Islands, Bahamas, Iceland, Japan, Qatar, or Saudi Arabia

c) 0.25grams or $11.75 CDN
Spain, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Finland, Greece, Ireland, Kuwait, Malta, Portugal, Slovakia, United Arab Emirates, Barbados, Bermuda, China, Hungary, Israel, Jersey, Croatia, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Malaysia, Poland, Slovenia, South Africa, Taiwan, Turkey, Uruguay, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Europe (Unknown Country), Greenland, Paraguay, Peru, Romania, Russian Federation, or Ukraine

d) $1 CDN for the Rest of the World

When & how do I get paid?

Affiliates conversions are reviewed and paid within 5 business days at the end of a given months commissions period. 
So for example, all commissions earned in July 2016 will be paid directly to you between August 1st to August 5th 2016.

Affiliates are paid directly to their BitGold account and can either redeem from there or keep safely stored in our platform.

We have implemented a minimum payout of $100 CDN. You must have a minimum of $100 in commissions from the offer to get paid. If you have less then $100 your balance will carry over to the following months commission.

You have the choice of selecting your form of payment: PayPal, Check, Direct Deposit, etc.


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